Ohm Lounge New Orleans

July 01, 2022
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party at Ohm Lounge New Orleans
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New Orleans, United States

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Hip-Hop


Casual, Live Music


Far from being your average night out, the untamed Ohm Lounge embodies an immersive experience for international revelers.

The stunning venue was founded by entrepreneur Billy Blatty and made its massive debut in 2013. Located in the Arts/Warehouse district south of downtown, Ohm Lounge is housed within an eclectic gaming pub and restaurant, Barcadia.

Barcadia’s exteriors are covered in greenery, giving this buzzing hotspot a lush and inviting aura. Inside, Ohm Lounge is a modern, Asian-themed venue with decor inspiration from Japanese and Chinese cultures.

Traditional, hand-made Shoji screens with bamboo peeking through, solid bamboo bar tops, and woven wooden lamps create a relaxing atmosphere. 24-carat gold-leaf domes, furniture imported from Japan and Singapore, and antique vases elevate Ohm Lounge’s ambiance into luxury and decadence.

Ohm Lounge invites multi-genre lovers to partake in this otherworldly experience. The eclectic blend of hip-hop and electronic music ensures the dance floor is kept busy all night. The high-profile club attracts a glam crowd of locals and tourists.

From its unmatched swank to its stellar interior decor, Ohm Lounge captures the quintessence of luxurious New Orleans nightlife.

BARCADIA & OHM Lounge Block Party // Sunday December 4th | © Barcadia – New Orleans – / YouTube


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