Bar Argon Charlotte

November 10, 2022
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party at Bar Argon Charlotte
© @barargon / Instagram

Charlotte, United States

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / XS – 200-500


Pop, Electronic


LGBT, Casual, Local


From techno and progressive to future house music, the LGBT+ Argon is a haven for all electronic music aficionados.

The bar / club is in Collingwood, southwest Charlotte’s center city. It has an unassuming decor with the advantage of a roomy dance floor. The bar / nightclub’s exterior is made of brick walls, with an intimate patio, perfect for cookouts and mimosas.

On the inside, the bar / club has drapes suspended from the ceiling and pride flags hanging on its walls. Argon is famous for its screens, bringing alive the music with complementary videos.

Argon lives for its electronic music and themed nights. From “get lei’d” and dirty dance parties to fetish parties, nights in the gay bar / club will bring out your wild side.

The LGBT+ bar / club is the local go-to spot for people of all genders and ages, uniting all party animals under a pure love for electronic music.

Argon is a safe space for the night’s revelers thanks to its homey feel and spacious dance floor.

© @barargon / Instagram


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