Bar Bukowski Rio de Janeiro

July 17, 2022
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party at Bar Bukowski Rio de Janeiro
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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / XS – 200-500




Live music, Alternative


Bar Bukowski is a buzzing nightclub serving loud and pumping rock music to partygoers.

Established in 1997, this nightlife venue is the longest-running rock club in Rio de Janeiro. Founder Pedro Berwanger is the mastermind behind Bar Bukowski, named after American poet Charles Bukowski.

Housed in a historical mansion, Bar Bukowski is located in the Botafogo neighborhood south of Rio de Janeiro, known for its sandy beaches and alternative nightlife scene. The veteran nightclub spans indoor and outdoor areas so patrons can enjoy Rio de Janeiro’s summer breeze.

If you worship rock and roll, Bar Bukowski has three dance floors dedicated to the genre. The Rio de Janeiro club plays an array of rock subgenres, ranging from classic to heavy metal. 

Though Bar Bukowski brings in a mature crowd, the nightclub unites partiers from all walks of life in their pure love of rock.

As the godfather of rock and roll clubs in Rio de Janeiro, Bar Bukowski is a name that has etched itself in the history of the city’s nightlife.

Pearl, o Bar Bukowski e você 😉 | © barbukowski / Youtube


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