Bisu Salamanca

December 19, 2022
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party at Bisu Salamanca
© @bisusalamanca / Instagram

Salamanca, Spain

Club / Indoor only / XS – 200-500


Pop, Latin


Casual, Students


Bisu is a buzzing hotspot famed for its Latin sets.

Bisu is in Downtown Salamanca, known for its vintage bookstores, sidewalk coffee shops, and live music venues. The intimate venue features a minimalist modern interior with pillars that glow with the beat of the music.

Bisu predominantly plays Latin beats mixed with the occasional pop hits. A quick look at the crowds, and you will discover that Bisu is popular with students and a younger group of clubbers.

Bisu’s killer music gives partiers more reasons to hit the dance floor.

© @bisusalamanca / Instagram


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