DNA Lounge San Francisco

August 02, 2022
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party at DNA Lounge San Francisco
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San Francisco, USA

Club / Indoor Only / S – 500-2k


Pop, electronic


Local, Live Music


Are you craving pizza during your late-night clubbing session? DNA Lounge has got you covered. 

Established in 1985, Netscape programmer Jamie Zawinski owns the San Francisco club. This buzzing nightlife hotspot is in the trendy SoMa neighborhood east of San Francisco, known for its vibrant nightlife, upscale restaurants, and art museums.

DNA Lounge features an elaborate playground of seven bars, four dance floors, two stages, and an attached pizzeria (yes, please).

DNA Lounge is not loyal to a specific music genre, playing the latest hits featuring open-format DJs. Other genres play in particular events, along with popular themed nights and drag performances.

The innovative nightclub is open to anyone eager to experience an iconic San Francisco nightlife experience. DNA Lounge is consistently filled with the liveliest crowds comprising locals and tourists.

Thanks to its wide variety of music genres and entertaining themed nights, the spacious DNA Lounge is more than a simple night out.

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