Fabrica Club Bucharest

July 20, 2022
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fabrica club bucharest
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Bucharest, Romania

Bar / Indoor & Outdoor / S – 500-2k


Rock, Raggae, Pop


Alternative, Live Music


Fabrica is one of the most versatile clubs you can find in Bucharest.

Fabrica is housed in a red brick building which was a former socks factory. in the historic district of, southwest of Bucharest, just a walking distance away from Carol Park. The club is very vibrant, with a stage and dancefloor, ready to host any event. They also feature an outdoor section that has more of a relaxed atmosphere. Fabrica is not hard to miss, thanks to the exterior brick walls being covered with a smattering of colorful graffiti and images from pop culture.

This club has consistently featured a wide variety of musicians and DJs boasting songs from metal, reggae, electronic, K-pop, and many more. Its versatile set of music attracts many people with different backgrounds and tastes.

In Bucharest, Fabrica will always be known as a club that caters to everyone. That formula has proven to be effective over the years.

Dark Fusion | District 13 | Live at Fabrica Club | Bucharest | March 2022 | © Dark Fusion / YouTube


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