Hocki Klocki Warsaw

March 28, 2023
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party at Hocki Klocki Warsaw
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Warsaw, Poland

Bar / Outdoor only / S – 500-2k






If you are into open-air clubbing sessions, Hocki Klocki Bar is calling your name.

The nightlife venue is located east of central Warsaw in a vast field. A stone’s throw away from Hocki Klocki’s home is the Vistula River, as well as a couple of fast-food eateries.

When you approach the party destination, you will notice the entrance with large black gates and LUNAPARK written in colorful letters on top.

Embodying a circus-like vibe, Hocki Klocki features a festive atmosphere with fairy lights scattered throughout the open-air venue and colorful wood architecture.

The club per se is a two-story building resembling a bus, with the upper level showcasing a vibrant rooftop.

Local DJs take over the audio decks every weekend to deliver top-notch electronic beats and foot-tapping sets.

Since Hocki Klocki is a party gem, locals are the ones who fill its spaces, but expect some international faces here and there too.

Party in a festival-like environment for that extra festive clubbing experience at Hocki Klocki.

© @HockiKlockinadWisla / Facebook


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