Marimba Discotheque Jakarta

October 27, 2022
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party at Marimba Discotheque Jakarta
© @reesyams / Instagram

Jakarta, Indonesia

Club / Indoor / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Pop


Casual, Local, Alternative


Marimba Discotheque is the epitome of Jakarta nightlife, with vibrant dancing sessions that continue until morning.

Marimba club is located in the Cempaka Putih neighborhood of central Jakarta, a residential area known for its tile, ceramic, and building materials stores.

Housed in a basement, this underground nightclub features an intimate dance floor facing a small elevated stage. With red leather seats matching the red and mirrored liquor shelves, Marimba Discotheque has a retro feel to its interiors.

The club’s speakers at Marimba Discotheque blast anything from electronic sessions to the latest top commercial hits. This Jakarta nightclub is a go-to spot for the locals; a quick look around the crowds, and you will see younger music lovers sing their favorite songs.

Marimba Discotheque is the ultimate party destination for anyone eager to experience an authentic Jakarta nightclubbing session.

© @marimba_discotheque / Instagram


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