OXYA Club Bucharest

July 20, 2022
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party at OXYA Club Bucharest
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Bucharest, Romania

Hall / Indoor & Outdoor / S – 500-2k


Pop, Electronic


Live Music


OXYA Club is one of the most glamorous clubs you will find in Bucharest.

OXYA Club was established in 2002 in the upper-class neighborhood of Tei, Northern Bucharest. Created by The Bamboo group, the club is in a white marble-styled uber-luxurious building.

The club drips opulence at every corner, with beautiful chandeliers, LED screens, and a big stage. It is only topped with the highest quality sound system. Overall, every aspect of OXYA Club screams luxury.

This club has consistently featured the best performers, be it live musicians, cabaret dancers, aerial acrobatics, etc. When it comes to performance, OXYA Club always gives one hundred percent.

No doubt, it attracts an affluent audience with a light hand on a heavy purse. Expect to rub shoulders with the who’s who and glam crowds of the city.

Revolutionizing the nightlife industry in Bucharest with its style and concept, OXYA Club has certainly set a high bar in the refined clubbing scene of the city.

OXYA Bucharest | © OXYA Bucharest / YouTube


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