Phonox London

June 09, 2022
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party at Phonox London
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London, UK

Club / Indoor / S – 500-2k


Electronic, Hip-Hop


Underground, Casual


Phonox brings an authentic, underground rave experience to London city. 

Located in the lively, multi-cultural area of Brixton, in southern London, the dynamic London nightclub opened in 2015. Phonox spans two floors of ultimate leisure. The club has an industrial feel with exposed bricks and dim lighting. 

On a usual night out, Phonox guarantees electronic music, except for events featuring other genres. Phonox quickly gained popularity for its unique sound and underground, up-and-coming headliners like Derrick Carter. 

Phonox has a laidback crowd of electro-heads looking for an unencumbered night out. The club strongly suggests not using a phone and fully immersing oneself in the music.

Unmatched electronic music in a sizable venue? Count us in! 

© @phonoxlondon / Facebook


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