Praterdome Vienna

July 20, 2022
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party at Praterdome Vienna
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Vienna, Austria

Club / Indoor Only / M – 2-5k


R&B, Electronic


Students, Rooftop, International


Praterdome proves bigger is better. It is the largest club in Austria that is both visually and sonically appealing on – quite literally –  different levels.

Praterdome has been in operation for over 15 years. After opening its doors in 2008, the club hosted one of the world’s best selling music artists, Kanye West. 

The nightclub is located on Riesenradplatz or ‘Ferris wheel Square’ in Leopoldstadt, which is a historical city that has an amusement park, the Leopoldstadt Museum, and Carl-Theater. Praterdome has revolving doors that open to make room for a ‘main-club’, which has a large dance floor.

The nightclub has a beach floor, ground floor (AKA main-club), and rooftop; but the main-club is where the real action takes place.

Every Friday and Saturday, you can find its patrons grooving to the sounds of house, disco, latin and soul music. Praterdome attracts night owls who want to show off their dance moves without the constraints of a small space. Because of its music style and location, Praterdome’s crowd is on the younger end of the spectrum. In other words, dress like a Gen Z-er and you shouldn’t have any issue blending in.

The club encapsulates a festival experience with laser shows, VJing, and the DJ booth rested on a stage to further simulate a concert experience. Make sure to prepare yourself for a night of ultimate stimulation! 

© @Praterdome /Facebook


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