Puce Klubs Nakti Riga

April 14, 2023
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party at Puce Klubs Nakti Riga
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Riga, Latvia

Bar / Indoor only / XXS – 0-200


Electronic, Pop, R&B


Students, Casual


Fuss-free but ready to deliver foot-tapping beats, Riga’s Puce Kubs Nakti is a pro at throwing parties.

Opened in 2015, the party hub resides in Vecrīga, right next to the city’s central district. Also known as Riga’s old town, the quaint neighborhood is home to medieval churches, red-brick buildings, and lively plazas lined with pubs and restaurants.

Puce Klubs Nakti sits in a multi-story cream building boasting classic architecture that blends in with the backdrop.

Striking a balance between mainstream and underground, the Riga club’s decor feels like a home away from home. With exposed brick walls and a dimly lit dance floor, the party hub gives off the basement club feel.

On the other hand, modern decor elements like the circular bar, beer pong tables, and graffiti art create an urban party atmosphere. While the upper floor serves as a cocktail bar, the downstairs area is destined for clubbing.

Puce club knows that every party-goer is different – and taps into that. By playing a genre-blending mix of commercial hits and electronic beats, the Riga nightclub ensures everyone will experience their favorite soundtrack.

The crowds are a mix of Gen Zers and party animals in their 20s, adding a lively mood to the already high-spirited atmosphere.

Test your beer pong skills and dance the night away at the cute and cozy Puce Klubs Nakti.


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