Custom Earplugs Are Not Just For Musicians

In a world that’s getting louder day by day, you need to protect your precious hearing parts
August 01, 2022
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Too Much Love Will Kill You wrote Queen in their 1992 album Back to the Light. That was a song about heartbreak, but the word combination can ring true for other aspects of life. Well, maybe not kill, but damage enough. 

Isn’t it ironic that the music-loving community – both musicians and listeners – can get stung by their passion? It is no secret that exposure to high noise levels for long periods of time can lead to hearing damage, which usually translates into noise-induced hearing loss. 

But what’s heart-wrenching is that professional musicians are four times more likely to suffer from NIHL (noise-induced hearing damage) than the general public. 

Musicians rely on their auditory senses for all kinds of things. To ensure the instruments sound right. To get in tune. To get inspired by whatever surrounds them. You got the idea – artists have to protect their ears at all costs. So they put a barrier between loud noises and their most precious parts through custom earplugs.

What are custom earplugs?

In 2016, rock band AC/DC had to cancel ten of their tour concerts because lead singer Brian Johnson was advised by his physicians to “stop touring immediately or risk total hearing loss.”

Professional musicians get constantly exposed to amplified sound levels, which can ultimately damage their sensitive inner ears. This is where custom earplugs take over the stage to prevent tinnitus or even hearing loss.

custom fit earplugs
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Made from acrylic or soft silicone, custom earplugs are the go-to hearing protection for music artists and producers. At the end of the day, when you are an active part of the music industry, most of your day revolves around high-pitched sounds, bullet-hard beats, and bumpy tunes. 

Custom earplugs might sap all personality out of music’s entertainment, but it is for a good reason. They differ from their regular over-the-counter version since the latter is unfiltered, made of foam and can muffle or block noise levels.

As the name suggests, this hearing loss shield is perfectly-tailored to an individual’s ears and needs. While custom earplugs might be on the pricey side – their average price sits at $100 – they last between three and five years.

Why you – the listener – might also need them

You may not be a musician – but your die-hard love for music might keep your volume at maximum levels. If you’d label yourself as a weekly clubber who’d rather spend a month in the desert than turn the music down, you’re not that far from a professional musician.

A study has revealed that noise exposure levels for musicians and non-musicians who attend music-related events were quite similar.

custom earplugs for nightclubs
At 120 dB – ear-splitting much? | © Hugo L. Casanova / Unsplash

Decibel levels labeled as safe for human hearing are between 70 dB and 85 dB. For context, nightclubs’ decibel levels sit at around 95 dBA. It’s not that tragic, but if you switch the clubbing session with a live concert, you will be exposed to 100 dB (120 dBA if it’s a rock music one).

custom musician earplugs
You can get custom earplugs in cool designs | © @squirrelcorp86 / Instagram

The truth is that the world is getting louder – and it’s degrading our auditory sense day by day.

We are pretty much surrounded by an ubiquitous noise pollution – from the blaring traffic to the ear-piercing construction site noises – where our delicate ears become collateral victims.

That is why custom earplugs are your ultimate savior.

Designed to keep you protected from high-decibel music, they allow you to immerse in the ineffable music beats without damaging your precious hearing parts. 

We all know that when you are a music devotee, losing your auditory sense feels like losing an arm.

When piping down and lowering volume levels aren’t on your agenda, you can rely on custom earplugs to save your hearing, utter love for music, next concert experience and all of that. 


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