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January 09, 2023
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A view of the audience of A Summer Story | © @ASummerStoryOficial / Facebook

Arganda Del Rey, Spain


XXL – 50k+




2 Days

A Summer Story is a critically acclaimed dance music festival that has received wide international attention.

Since its inception in 2015, the festival lives up to its name by taking place mid-year during the summer solstice.

The festival is set in a 200,000 square metre open field called Ciudad del Rock (City of Rock) in Arganda del Rey, south east of Madrid city centre, Spain.

The electronic music played at A Summer Story ensures a never ending stream of attendees who love to dance.

Artists such as DJ Snake and Fatima Hajji have been invited to perform in different genres like trance, EDM and techno to its six different stages in the past for this two-day festival. 

Here’s everything you need to know about A Summer Story.

Two days of summer fun at A Summer Story | © A Summer Story / Youtube

A Summer Story boasts a large number of attendees

100,000 people gather in Ciudad del Rock for this summer festival | © @asummerstoryoficial / Instagram

Attracting 100,000 attendees (a record number in 2019) to their 200,000 square meter space, A Summer Story has become a huge dance music festival quickly, although it began in 2015.

The festival also has more than 6,000 parking spaces available, on top of multiple shuttles that bring you to Ciudad del Rock making it easy to attend.

Some of the biggest names in electronic music perform A Summer Story Festival

The stages at A Summer Story have been graced by icons in the electronic music industry in the past. As the 2022 official lineup has recently been announced, it is evident they are continuing to do so.

© @asummerstoryoficial / Facebook

The first edition of the festival in 2015 exhibited artists such as DJ Nano, Marco Carola, Chris Liebing and Armin Van Buuren. These are instantly recognizable names that would entice any electronic music lover.

The full festival experience is more affordable than most

A general admission ticket for both days of the festival will cost you around €70. This places A Summer Story on the cheaper side of electronic music festival tickets. 

© @asummerstoryoficial / Facebook

Other famous live music festivals set in Spain like Sonar sell tickets for around €125 for two days. A Summer Story is thus, a more affordable option that definitely won’t break the bank. 

Each stage design at A Summer Story is unique

© @asummerstoryoficial / Facebook

The fifth edition of the festival showed just how much this festival has grown in such a short time, attracting a record-breaking 100,000 attendees and creating stage designs that are more and more captivating.

The main stage was 35 meters high and in the shape of a modernized pyramid with extravagant lighting setups.

The Air Europa Stage had a more classic festival look being in the shape of a rectangle, but with impressive projection setups. The Live and Techno stage was inspired by the video game Space Invaders and had the game’s characters displayed. 

A Summer Story created an unintentional spinoff party

As the festival hs gained popularity and attracts bigger and bigger crowds, the road to Ciudad del Rock, overtaken by festival-goers, has become a sort of party in and of itself. 

This tailgate party culture has become almost an official part of the festival as people gather in the massive parking lot between the hours the festival runs (8 PM to 8 AM).

© @asummerstoryoficial / Facebook

Now that you know everything there is to know about A Summer Story, it’s a good idea to get your tickets to it now to make sure you are in on all of the excitement this festival has to offer.


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