445% Surge in “Sell Coachella Tickets” Searches Following Frank Ocean’s Pull Out

April 21, 2023
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The number of people looking to sell their Coachella passes more than quadrupled after the festival’s opening weekend. Google searches for “sell Coachella tickets” saw a jump of 445% in the days following Frank Ocean’s heavily-criticized set. 

A spokesperson for CasinoAlpha.com, the website that gathered the Google data analysis, said the findings suggest people’s disappointment with Ocean’s performance. 

“Many are looking to sell their ticket for the second weekend,” they said. “This is out of disappointment or fear that Frank Ocean may pull out of performing altogether.” 

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Elusive and enigmatic, rapper Frank Ocean broke his six-year silence at Coachella’s first weekend. The artist hasn’t dropped new music since his 2016 Blonde album and had been absent from the stage for years. 

Fans eagerly anticipated the artist’s Coachella show – a performance marred by an hour delay, last-minute stage designs, and obvious lip-syncing. While his lackluster set left many Weekend One attendees high and dry, their disappointment doesn’t compare to this weekend’s ticket holders. 

The R&B artist was also scheduled to perform in Coachella’s second part, but Ocean dropped out at the last minute.

His representatives told Variety Blink-182 will take over the artist’s slot as he suffered “two fractures and a sprain of his left leg.”

“After suffering an injury to his leg on festival grounds in the week leading up to weekend 1. Frank Ocean was unable to perform the intended show but was still intent on performing, and in 72 hours, the show was reworked out of necessity.”

A Variety article called Frank Ocean’s set a “disappointing mess,” reporting last-minute stage production changes. The initial plan was supposed to feature an ice rink and skaters surrounding Ocean – which was ultimately scrapped. 

Festival news Twitter account Festive Owl also talked about the initial stage production, saying the festival had to deconstruct the stage and melt the ice rink. 

“Frank decided at the last minute that he no longer wanted it at all. Which is what you ended up seeing, and caused the hour long delay. This all happened when doors had already open for Sunday, and people were securing their spots to see him.”


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