EDC Las Vegas’ Lost And Found Lists Over 1,000 Items

May 25, 2023
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With hundreds of festival-goers losing themselves in mosh pits and beats, some personal belongings inevitably slip away. This year’s EDC Las Vegas wrapped up and more than 1,000 lost and found items are waiting to be claimed by their owners. 

Losing a personal item can put a damper on your festival experience. But EDC’s Lost and Found department gives attendees a chance to reunite with their possessions. 

From the event’s sea of glitter and neon, 172 phones, 122 wallets, 324 IDs, and 337 credit cards emerged. Smaller items like 41 sets of keys, 25 backpacks, 26 smart devices (such as watches and earbuds) and 11 sunglasses were also among the recovered items. 

To streamline the recovery process, EDC Las Vegas has teamed up with online lost and found service Liff Happens. The partnership provides a comprehensive, easily searchable database to help attendees find their lost belongings. 

While ID and credit card listings do not include photos due to security concerns, they feature the owner’s last name. Most lost items are accompanied by photos, with phones displaying their lock screen for easy identification.


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