Elon Musk Caught Vibing Backstage at Music Festival

May 15, 2023
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© Stefan Bayer / Flickr 

A lot of weird things happen in the backstage area at music festivals. Be it the keta-couched festie or the one who’s high enough to attempt an impromptu B2B with the DJ, the backstage circus has witnessed more shenanigans than it can handle. But not Elon Musk vibing at Sundream Festival – not until this weekend, at least. 

Social media footage of the world’s second richest man surfaced today, showing Musk attending Rüfüs Du Sol’s set.

Despite his status as Twitter’s lord and Tesla’s founder, Musk blended into the backstage crowd and tried to become one with the beats. 

While the people around him treated Musk like an average NPC, netizens had a thing – or two – to say about the festival cameo. 

“$150B and not an ounce of rhythm,” one user commented. Others described his vibes as “all wrong,” and said “Teslas got him feeling good,” referring to super-strong ecstasy pills. 

Although most of the social media feedback focused on his non-existent dance moves, Elon Musk also got some festival supporters.

© @technoandhousemusic / Instagram 

“All the people on here talking shit saying he can’t dance are probably the worst to be around at festivals,” one user said. Useless standing still just taking up space.”


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