Encore Festival Solutions Launches GloBuds, a Cool Way to Protect Your Hearing

March 24, 2023
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Whoever said festival earplugs should look boring was straight up lying. That’s because festival gear brand Encore Festival Solutions has launched GloBuds, a stylish and cool alternative to hearing protection. 

Founded by Noah Bower and Steffen Disbergen, the earplugs go beyond protecting your precious ears with a LED-lit design. When used, the GloBuds imitate a rave’s vibe with flashing rainbow lights and feature a long-lasting battery. 

According to the founders, the fashionable ear protection can survive hours of mosh pits, dancing, and multi-day festivals. 

The idea behind GloBuds’ concept sparked back in 2019 when Bower used night bulbs as earplugs at a festival. Some attendees thought they looked cool, so the duo created GloBuds’ alpha version with Amazon earplugs, glue, and night bulbs. 

Since then, the two founders invested in a 3D printer to create better, more sophisticated earplugs. 

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Bower told Forbes that he didn’t use hearing protection before creating Encore Festival Solutions’ GloBuds. He feared that earplugs would make him look like a “dork,” and his sonic experience would be ruined. 

His business partner, on the other hand, has been an avid earplugs fan. Disbergen urges concert-goers to protect their hearing, as hearing damage “it’s a really hard issue to solve once you have it.” 

The World Health Organization estimates that almost half of young adults between the ages of 12-35 are in danger of developing hearing loss due to exposure to loud sounds.

Those involved in live music events – from DJs to gig-goers – can suffer even more damage since they spend extended periods at venues, nightclubs, and festivals.


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