New Book ‘Temporary Pleasure’ Unveils the Evolution of Nightclub Architecture

May 18, 2023
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In the ever-changing club culture, the only constant is indeed change. In his riveting new book Temporary Pleasure: Nightclub Architecture, Design and Culture from the 1960s to Today, John Leo Giller captures exactly that – the visual history of club spaces. 

From the psychedelic labyrinths of ‘60s New York to today’s experimental spaces, Gillen illuminates the nightlife venues’ social-cultural metamorphose. 

Hot off the press since April 23rd, the book features a series of chapters, each focusing on a distinct phase. Readers can traverse Italy’s politically charged clubs of the ‘60s, groove along New York’s disco era, chill out in Ibiza’s countercultural retreats, and teleport into Berlin’s techno heaven. 


Giving you the full backstage pass, the book profiles landmark venues like Chicago’s The Warehouse, Berlin’s Tresor and Ibiza’s Amnesia

Key players of those movements, including Manchester’s venue architect Ben Kelly and disco maestro DJ Justin Strauss, bring club culture to life with every page by sharing intimate stories and personal reflections.

Far from an academic tone, Temporary Pleasure dives into how nocturnal sanctuaries adapted to reflect the generations’ shifting desires.

Through the lens of vibey visuals, the book chronicles about inevitable design revolutions and architectural rebellions that shaped clubland’s narrative. 

Though it is a solo effort from Gillen, the visual history reflects a collective’s creative energies. The genesis of Temporary Pleasure can be traced back to an Instagram account that shares its namesake. 

Initially created as an archive, it swiftly evolved into a project that unites visionary architects, event producers, and creative professionals. United by one mission – challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries of architectural innovation – the DIY collective runs club-building workshops in cities like Barcelona and Prague. 

You can find more about the Temporary Pleasure book here.


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