Swifties Are Selling Bottled Rainwater From Eras Tour For $250

May 25, 2023
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Securing tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has become one of this year’s biggest status symbols, with some fans shelling out more than $5,000 to nab a spot. With a price like that, it’s no wonder Swifties are selling memorabilia from their concert experience. 

But one fan has taken the entrepreneurial game to the next level by selling bottled rainwater from Eras Tour, with each container priced at $250. 

© @onlyinbos / Instagram

During Swift’s performance at Gillette Stadium, Massachusetts, concert-goers braved torrential downpours as the singer delivered a viral and rain-drenched performance. 

A few days later, Instagram account @onlyinbos shared a screenshot from what appears to be an online marketplace listing under the title ‘Taylor Swift Eras Tour Merch Rain.’

Users jokingly asked questions like “Floor seats rain or balcony rain?”.

Others expressed concern, stating that “there is something deeply wrong with humans who seek this.”

The Swifties cult has long been known for its intense devotion, conspiracy theories, and unwavering beliefs. But with the unprecedented demand for her Eras Tour, an online marketplace has sprung – and it’s not only about rainwater.  

Various items have surfaced online as concert souvenirs, including everything from confetti to used rain ponchos – some fetching eye-watering sums. 

In one of the most unusual listings, one fan is selling a plastic bag of “100% authentic air” from Taylor Swift’s concert in Foxborough. The starting bid is $100, but there have been no bids so far.


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